Study to become

work ready

Studying at New Zealand’s institutes of technology and

polytechnics (ITPs) will give you the skills, qualifications and

experience you need to work anywhere in the world.

What puts New Zealand institutes of technology and polytechnics ahead

What are they and what they do

New Zealand’s ITPs are recognised as world class educators

  • There are 16 ITPs throughout New Zealand, with over 157,000 students gaining qualifications in all kinds of industries.
  • ITPs provide high-quality qualifications and training focused on practical skills and hands-on experience.
  • ITPs teach in facilities that mirror real-world situations and workplaces.
Work ready graduates

Applied learning

All ITP qualifications, from certificate to post-graduate level, are focused on specific job outcomes. It’s all about helping you further your career, and be more employable.

Learning on the job

ITP programmes can include internships, work placements and industry projects. It’s another way to help you gain experience and become job-ready.

The world is your workplace

New Zealand ITP qualifications are recognised internationally, giving you the widest possible job market.

Quality public institutions that are publicly funded

The highest standards

New Zealand’s ITPs and universities are public institutions. To get funding and support they have to meet standards of excellence from the government.

Courses shaped by industry

The courses at ITPs are informed by industry and employers to ensure their relevance. This also helps your employability when you graduate.

The best possible staff

The lecturers at ITPs have relevant industry experience and ITP qualifications are held in high regard by employers around the world.

Tailored learning and flexible pathways

Every level of study catered to

ITPs offer courses for all levels of study, from foundation certificates to undergraduate degrees, postgraduate programmes and masters degrees.

Very flexible learning

The study options at ITPs are flexible and include on-campus, distance or online study.

Work while you study and after your study

While studying

If you’re a student with a student visa enrolled in a full-time programme, you may be able to work*:

20 hours per week during the year

Full time during scheduled breaks

After study

After your study is complete, you may be eligible for a work visa under our Study to Work category. **

Post-study work visa (open) for 12 months

Once working, visa options for a further 2 or 3 years.